Thursday, May 24, 2012

Curtain walls & glazing

Curtain walls - editing
  • Project Browser menu (rhs)
  • Curtain Panels (right down the bottom) - System Panels - make a copy and edit (need to double click)
NOTE: to change transparency for glass etc, need to uncheck the 'use render colour' box first to enable the slider...

  • To edit peices of a curtain wall/roof, need to make sure you've added in some grid lines first to create a section, then click on that panel, and 'unpin' to edit the properties of that section...
Curtain walls - adding doors (or sash windows)
  • To place a curtain wall door:
    • make the size by making a panel of this size first (grids), though can adjust later but less potential for problems if you set the grids up first...
    • select the panel only (have to use the TAB key otherwise will prob select the whole curtain wall), unlock - default will be locked
    • then go to properties and select the door for this (will be found under the curtain wall glazing panels area, not in 'doors') (or sash window)
    • The door (or window) will be as large as the panel ie. will expand or shrink to fit. To resize the door, you must resize the panel space instead.
  • NB. the default appears to be for double glazing (2 panes of glass) - this appears in the materials editor area (appearance)
NB. if having problems loading curtain wall doors, open the component you want independent of the project as if you're going to edit it, then load into the project you want it in. Load family via the insert menu, not the architecture menu.

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